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Halis Odel was born in Buldan, Denizli. After his primary school education he completed his secondary education in 1979 at the Istanbul Kabatas Boys School. In 1980 he attended Paris Sorbon University, together with his university education he also developed the skills required for his fathers trade, textile production and commerce.


In 1988, Halis Odel graduated from Istanbul University, Veterinary Faculty. After grauation he completed his work experience at Paris Pasteur Institute (France) and Bologna University (Italy).


In 1989 he entered Istanbul University, Political Science for his Doctorate and completed it first in his class. While studying he was producing textiles in Buldan and Denizli and trading in Mahmutpasa, Istanbul. During this time he became the Secretary for the Mahmutpasa Traders Foundation and a member of the Board for the United Denizli Exporters.


In 1999, his Doctorate thesis in public management at the Istanbul University wes titled 'Textile Industry and Production Centre for Traditional Textiles in Buldan, Babadag andTavas-Kizilcaboluk.


At present Halis Odel is the owner of Denizlipek and Odel Textile businesses in Denizli, Bursa, Mersin and Buldan. He is also continueing to do business with over twenty countries worldwide.


2011 saw Denizlipek Ltd. Sti. in 33rd position for corporation tax paid in Denizli. Personal tax paid in 127th position in Denizli.

Halis Ödel
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